Friday, March 2, 2012

The Only Easy Day by RJ Scott

Dale MacIntyre, former Navy SEAL, works for Sanctuary. He's the acting handler for a member of the Bullen family's inner circle. He's close to obtaining the evidence he needs to prove Elisabeth Costain's death was ordered by them... until someone gets in his way.

Joseph Kinnon, active Navy SEAL, is back on US soil for the first time in months, and he's told the tragic news that his stepsister is dead, gunned down in an alley by an unknown assailant. He's determined to find out who murdered her... until someone gets in his way.

They both want the same thing but have different methods of accomplishing their goals. They both want the Bullen family brought to account, but one wants justice and the other wants revenge.

What happens between them, however, has nothing to do with either.
                                      3.5 STARS 

Ok I have to say I usually love RJ Scott's books, and it could have been the mood i was in but This one was just okay for me. Like I said I usually love her books, but i felt i was missing too much with this one, like parts of the story either felt rushed, like the main characters didn't even meet till i was 40% into the book. The storyline seemed great but it was missing too much for me to really enjoy and leaving it the way it was disappointing. Still this author is one of my favorites so I would still buy this book.

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