Thursday, March 29, 2012

Naughty by Design by Gabrielle Evans (Sexually Awkward #2)

Naughty by Design (Sexually Awkward, #2)
Feeling alternately aggressive and disconnected, Nigel Durbin is having a hard time distinguishing what is real lately. The dangerously sexy shifter who comes to his rescue when his ex threatens him is very real, however, and Nigel just wants to rub all over the guy and purr.

His mate's scent hits Cayson Downs the second he walks into Daylight Café. Instantly, he knows without a doubt that he'd do anything, be anything that Nigel wanted. He'd failed once to protect the people he loved, but he vows not to make the same mistake again.

Of course, nothing is ever that easy. Strange things are happening at the paranormal prison where Cayson works as a guard, the inmates are turning up mysteriously ill, and Nigel's ex won't back off. Can Nigel and Cayson's relationship hold up under the strain? Or will they crash and burn when the truth is revealed? 

                                           4.5 STARS 

Ms. Evans you are frickin brilliant. OK now that that's outta the way, I gotta say I love this series, I'm loving the sexy, smart nerds there's just something about the ones in this series that is seriously HOT!

Nigel is a designer in the company that he and his friends started that makes custom made sex toys for the paranormal. For the past couple of weeks his kinda boyfriend has been drugging him, once he confronts Drew to break it off, his real mate happens to come to his rescue. Being a Siamese cat shifter he has a really low self esteem so he's dealing with that along with trying to get to know his new mate.

Cayson is a doberman shifter, yeah he's got the alpha attitude. He's got his own issues that play seriously into this series, the only thing that I really didn't like was instead of talking it out his first thing said was always maybe you should leave now. Everytime he said that I swear I wanted to smack him, but we learn why he's that way and it does play well in this story. 

I recommend this book and this series since I've already pre-ordered the third one in this series.

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