Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Unexpected Daddy by Brenna Lyons

Unexpected Daddy
After a car accident destroys his family, Joey is left the sole caretaker of his newborn niece, Abby. The overprotective UNEXPECTED DADDY needs childcare. When bigots set their sights on Joey, in walks the answer to his prayers, Geoff.

When twenty-six-year-old Joey Beirs is summoned to the emergency room one evening, the last thing he expects to find is that his twin brother and Jeremy’s wife have both been killed in a car accident, leaving him an UNEXPECTED DADDY to his newborn niece, Abby. Closing in on the end of his leave from work, Joey has to find suitable childcare for Abby. After yet another interview turns south, Joey is accosted by homophobic bigots and saved by Geoff Allread.

Geoff is in his forties, an out-of-work carpenter whose unemployment is running out, soon to be faced with working in fast food or retail to keep food on the table in the recession. He’s also late to come out of the closet, a wounded man that has lost everything by admitting what he is... including his daughter from his ill-fated marriage. Geoff is good with kids and adores Abby. It’s a match made in heaven. At forty-three, Geoff needs a job that doesn’t mean asking if someone wants fries, and Joey needs someone that’s good with Abby. But can both of them overcome their hurts and accept that the age difference doesn’t matter as much as finding what they’ve both lost... a stable family?

                                                                  2.50 STARS

I personally didn't like this book, I liked the plot line but the story just didn't bring it in for me.
The unexpected daddy part was good, I think meeting a complete stranger and suddenly asking him to be your nanny was to far out there, and the ensuing love story went way to quick. I mean they had so many things that should have been at least talked about even Joey suddenly being a parent he needed so time to get use to that also, the added (drama) of the fire made no sense to me. Now saying that I'm not saying that this author can't write I'm only saying this book didn't work for me thats all ok?  it was also way to short which may be part of the reason it didn't work just too many questions not answered. I'm sorry I don't recommend this book, I just didn't go for it.


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