Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Angel Bound (His Guardian Angels #1) by Jana Downs

Angel Bound (His Guardian Angels, #1)
Madigan has a successful career as co-owner of a bakery and has never really been passionate about much else. His mother has always claimed that he was the son of the Archangel Raphael, but he'd never had reason to believe her. That is, until Madigan finds himself hunted by angelic fanatics who see him as an abomination.

His father has assigned him guardian angels to act as his protection from the hunters. The five men desperately search for a solution for Madigan's protection and find only one viable option. Madigan must become Angel Bound, married in angelic terms, to all of his guardian angels. Now Madigan has gone from having no relationships to having five simultaneously. All of the men will have to learn to balance desire and duty in order to ensure Madigan's safety and happiness above all things.

                                                             4.75 STARS

OK first off Holy shit this book is Scorching Hot, I'm sure I'm going to hell for enjoying this book so much LOL. Usually the first book in a series is mostly to set up the storyline for the world we the reader are entering, Ms. Downs actually did that so seamlessly that I was completely surprised by it. 

Madigan is just a normal guy whose turning 28 yrs old, he also owns a bakery shop with his mother. His mom has told him on multiple occasions that the Archangel Raphael was his father, to which Madi thinks his moms off her rocker. After a small birthday party Madi heads home to an assassin attempt by Angels? WTF

Cross is head of Madi's new Guardian Angels mission, along with Michel, Dex, Bren, and Yuri.They are to protect Raphael's son against assassins bent on wiping out what they consider an abomination.Yuri finds something that may help their situation but it also calls for an extreme sacrifice to keep Madi safe. Once Madi finds out he's going thru a kind of Angel puberty all hell breaks lose. In a good way LOL

I recommend this book but I'm leaving a warning you may need a cold shower after reading I did. Have fun reading this one, now I'm going to go read the second one I may need to start smoking after that one 

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