Sunday, April 8, 2012

Santana's Discovery (Shifters of Mystery #2) by Lynn Hagen

Santana's Discovery (Shifters of Mystery, #2)
Santana grew up hating werewolves for their senseless killing of his parents. He joins a radical group that is out to destroy the werewolves, not knowing that the leader of this group has been lying to him the whole time.

Isaac moved to Mystery wanting a chance at a better life. He thinks he’s lost his mind when he starts falling for Santana—the man who’s already shot him once. As much as he questions the attraction he has for Santana, he knows the struggle to remain aloof is fruitless.

When the full moon rises and the shift occurs, Isaac finds that Santana, the very man who shot him, has risked his life to save Isaac. Can Isaac convince Santana to be his mate, and can Santana accept the cold, hard facts of what happened in Mystery so long ago?

And will Santana ever allow Isaac to bite him and turn him into the very creature he’s hated his whole life?

                                                                       4.5 STARS 

Book 2 of this series is really good, I found out a lot more of the storyline and a better understanding of the characters, plus the sex is really HOT! Ms. Hagen has done it again, I have been completely entertain and thoroughly wrapped up in this new series.

Santana we meet in the first book actually shoots Isaac who survives the gunshot but realizes Santana is his mate, who thinks that werewolves killed his parents, so the fight begins between their intense feelings for each other and the bad guys that are after them. We also meet secondary characters for future books I hope.

I recommend this one though the series is really frickin great!

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