Thursday, April 26, 2012

Country Mouse by Amy Lane & Aleksandr Voinov

Country Mouse
Owen may be a bit of a country mouse, but he’s loving his vacation in London. After a long day playing tourist, he’s on the hunt for some cheap beer and a good burger. Instead he finds a man hunting him, an arrogant prick with only one thing on the brain: the kind of meat that doesn’t come on a bun.

Eighty-hour weeks at a trading desk don’t leave Malcolm Kavanagh much time for meaningful relationships. Besides, in his world, everything’s a competition—even sex. When his newest one-night-sub fails to show, Malcolm sets his sights on the pretty young Yank on the bar stool beside him.

Owen’s all for an adventure with a native, but he’s not the pushover Malcolm thinks he is, and Malcolm’s not as shallow as he tries to be. They both soon learn that nothing's too intimate to share with a stranger, and the strangest things happen when two people share the most important pieces of their hearts

                                                            5 STARS 

Ok only complaint I want more, I loved this couple Owen & Malcolm have so much chemistry that I fell in love with them from the first page. I really thought I wouldn't like Malcolm "Mr. stock trader city boy" but I could see right through his Dom facade and he right to his insecurities. Owen "Mr. country mouse" on the other hand even being only 23 yrs old has his head on pretty darn straight, but he's just such a nice guy people kind of walk all over him. 

When they get together not only do sparks fly, but we get in deep with each character and truly see how they could possibly fall in love that quick. The ending to this book was absolutely perfect, and beautiful it was like watching a epic love story. I really liked that the only focus was on their time together not a lot of other characters or distractions.

For this book to be as short as it was , I got to understand more of each character than most novel length books I've read. I so hope Ms. Lane & Mr. Voinov write another one together, cause this one was a wonderful, beautiful, sexy love story that I will be reading again & again. I recommend 

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