Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Remembering To Breathe by Lynn Hagen

Remembering To Breathe
Liam fell in love with a straight man, big mistake. Especially when Bishop ran the first time they kissed. Feeling devastated and rejected, Liam starts over, making a whole new life for himself.

Investing a murder, Detective Jack Watterson meets the man of his dreams. Liam wraps himself around Jack’s heart after only one date.

But then Bishop returns, telling Liam that he loves him and how much he wants another chance. Liam is caught between the two men that he loves and doesn’t see a way out, until Jack proposes Liam’s wildest fantasy.

But things aren’t that easy, not when Liam is accused of a murder he didn’t commit. Liam also has to deal with a bully from his past, a man bent on teaching Liam that gay men are evil. Can the three work things out and find a happy life together, or will they fall apart when Jack is shot by the very man setting Liam up?

                                                 4 STARS

This is the first book by Lynn Hagen that kinda straddled the fence for me, it's a good story it just went a little fast for me. Of course the sex is HOT but I missed something in the fact that Bishop went from straight to gay so quick, without any serious soul searching, not only that but the sex didn't scare him at all.

But then we get Liam who goes through so much, I just te totally adored this character I wanted him to have his happy ending soo bad, the threesome idea was a little quick to come up but I get why and how this worked for the story. Liam's in love with them both, wants and needs them both in his life, so he's determined to find a way for that to happen.

Jack I just flat out loved his character I understood more than the other two, he would do anything not to lose Liam even go along with the idea of a threesome.  The part that through me off was the murder mystery and how that came about I kept thinking WTF? where did that come from but it worked ok anyway.

I'm recommending this story because Ms. Hagen is a brilliant writer and I adore her books, she always makes me laugh, smile or sigh in happiness. 

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