Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blood Moon (Moon #1) by M.J. O'Shea

Blood Moon (Moon, #1)
There’s something different about Noah….

Zack Parker met his best friend Noah at his lake cabin when they were only five years old. He realized he felt more than friendship for him by the time they were in junior high school. One fateful night when they were eighteen Zack couldn’t take it anymore. Fueled by love and lust and need, he finally kissed Noah like he’d wanted to for years…and Noah kissed him back, returning every drop of Zack’s passion.

The next morning, Noah ended their friendship for what Zack believed was forever.

Now twenty-one, Zack resents being dragged by his guilt-tripping mother every summer back to the lake cabin where every leaf and rock and turn in the road reminds him of Noah and the love he felt for him three long years before. He hates being reminded of what he lost and more than anything he wants his best friend back.

But this year things are different.

Noah has returned, apologetic and more gorgeous than ever. Amazingly, he seems to want Zack as much as Zack wants him. He’s sweet and attentive, sexy enough to make Zack’s thighs quiver, but there’s something not quite right…

What secret is Noah hiding?

                                                         4 STARS 
I bought this series after reading a book co written by Ms. O'Shea and I gotta say I'm glad I did it's a really cute story with enough drama added in to keep the action going but it still provided plenty of communication between the two main MC's , I only had one complaint and that was Zack's wanting female blood even though he was gay. I don't know why this irked me but it kept this book from being a great book for me anyway. I felt it took something away from this beautiful love story and left me wondering if he was bi not gay, it really took away from the story for me. But other than that it was a really good read. The chemistry between the two young guys is strong and absolutely adorable, with enough drama to keep it bouncy (yeah that's a word for me) and it introduced some interesting secondary characters too. I'm recommending it and I'm off the read the second Moon series book.

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