Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Immortality is the Suck (Adam & Peter #1) bu A M Riley

Immortality is the Suck (Adam & Peter, #1)
Adam's an undercover vice cop dealing with a dark past. He's no stranger to bad nights; in fact, he's lived a lot of them. But he won't survive this one. First, a drug deal he's working goes south. Then his partner and sometimes sex partner Peter has to watch him bleed to death. But the kicker: he's not sure what's worse. Watching Peter cry over him or waking up undead.

Peter's a good cop in love with a bad man. Or a bad vampire, now. Watching Adam die was the worst thing he could imagine. Until he woke up. Now their relationship's in crisis. Adam's in the middle of a vampire enclave at the center of Los Angeles motorcycle clubs and Peter just can't hack it.

Adam thinks he's fine with that. He's a commitment-phobe. But he's about to discover, immortality is seriously the suck.

                                                        4.75 STARS 

This book was recommended from someone on goodreads and I loved it, yeah it's got a kinda sarcastic view on everything but it just worked for me, I even bought the second book today cause my OCD was acting up and I had to know what happens with Adam & Peter.

Adam is a messed up vice cop that wakes up in the morgue a vampire and I mean seriously messed up. He does drugs steals from cops and screws just about anybody, the only thing good in his life is his best friend and fuck buddy Peter whose a homicide detective thats in love with Adam.

So not only does Adam realize what he's been like all this time, there's a big gang war, drugs running rampant and a vampire war going on which Adam seems to be right in the middle of, he also realizes he really loves Peter. This book was action packed, really hot sex and a pretty intense love story all wrapped up in one. To say I was surprised is funny cause this book is perfect for me. I liked the twists and turns that completely keep me on my toes. You need to read this book it's not always nice & can be a little smack in the face. but thats part of it's charm. I recommend this one Loved it.

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