Monday, April 23, 2012

Sins Of Profession (Creatures of Sin #5) by India Harper

Sins Of Profession (Creatures of Sin, #5)
Detective Mike Finesterre thought he knew what he was getting into when he joined Zone Six, home to Pittsburgh PD’s problem children and officers in the rough. But the department has a reputation for good work, despite their sometimes unorthodox methods. Mike’s just happy to be off the beat, even if it’s not much fun being the new guy. He doesn’t get to dwell on his rookie status for long, however, when he’s thrown in the deep end of undercover work investigating a string of murders surrounding Magnum Studio’s hot young porn stars.

Lucas McAndrews loves sex. He wouldn’t be a professional gigolo otherwise, although the money doesn’t exactly hurt. Operating on the fringes of the law, he’s had several occasions to collaborate with the police...sometimes quite willingly. Zone Six is investigating murders involving a local porn studio and needs someone intimately familiar with the sex industry as their inside man. Lucas is happy to help, especially when he meets the department’s newest recruit, the quick-to-blush Detective Mike Finesterre.

Growing attraction soon takes a back seat as Mike, not Lucas, finds himself in the limelight, and catching the eye of porn legend Long John Fenton, a man who will have things his way. Not to mention the fact that there’s a murderer on the loose, one who is closer than anyone thinks...

                                                                    4.25 STARS 

Even though this is book#5 of the Creatures of Sin series this is my first book by this author, I gotta say for the most part I enjoyed it, and will go back and buy the previous books in this series. They're were parts I didn't like some much but I eventually got why it was written that way and what part it played in this series. Plus the Sex is off the charts HOT! 

Mike is a rookie detective who is talked into going undercover at a porn studio then gets pulled in to do a scene he keeps a level head (while everyone else is a panic cause he's a newbie) Mike's not as innocent as his work mates assume. 

Lucas is a sex worker, whom happens to not only sleep with the Commander David & his partner Carver from previous book but also is a high class escort. He goes undercover at said porn studio to help find a killer.

Lucas & Mike are extremely attracted to each other and sparks fly between them, but they also have this crazy killer to find. I'm recommending this one because I do like the chemistry between Lucas & Mike, but I will probably like it even better after reading the previous books, I think that always helps when you have a series.

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