Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cat Scratch Fever (Tribal Bonds #3) by Stormy Glenn

Cat Scratch Fever  (Tribal Bonds, #3)
Waking up with memories of an erotic night spent in the arms of the sexiest man he has ever met, Azizi Dane is determined to track Manu Ucathya down and find out if there is a chance for more. But getting to Manu may be harder than he thought, especially when Azizi's father arrives to take him home, by force if necessary.

Manu Ucathya is bound and determined to claim his anamchara once he meets him. He follows the time honored traditions of his tribe and approaches Azizi Dane's father. When Azizi is brought to him unconscious and handcuffed, Manu is enraged. When Azizi wakes up with no idea why he is there, Manu feels like his heart is breaking.

But keeping Azizi proves harder than Manu thought, especially when a misunderstanding drives Azizi from his side and right into the hands of the hunters. Saving Azizi may be just as hard. Someone close to the Manu holds his anamchara responsible for things that Azizi has no knowledge of but they are determined to make him pay anyway—with his life.

                                                     4.75 STARS 

Okay, I have realized that Ms. Glenn is one of those wonderful favorites of mine that get me completely addicted to a series with the first book. There's just something in the way she seems to start a book that I can't put it down till I'm finished with it, and then it leaves me wanting to read her next book even if it's not in the same series. I also pre-order her books without even reading the blurb (1) I know no matter the story I will be entertained (2) Her books make me laugh, cry or just escape from the stress in my life Ms. Glenn ROCKS!

Now for this story, I gotta say I was completely surprised by events in this book, Seth's actions in this one caught me off guard I can't wait to read his story. I also got to see some of my favorites from previous books I love Rowan he's soo funny, and I wanna read Jackson's story too.

Azizi is a human who works for Seth, who takes him along to Rowan & Luca's wedding. Where he meets Luca's brother Manu whose a vampire/cat shifter as Manu finds out Azizi is his anamchara (soul mate). They find out that Azizi' father is head of a hunter guild (bad guy very bad guy) I hated him right off the bat. Anyway events unfold in such a way I didn't suspect even for a minute how this would go...which is a good thing...

I really try not to give too much away in my reviews so I'll just say you gotta read this one it's Great I'm recommending.

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