Sunday, April 15, 2012

Twinsational (The Men's Room Series, #1) by Jeff Erno

Twinsational (The Men's Room Series, #1)
Tommy Cooper has just turned 21 and is getting his first exposure to the gay club scene when he meets Darren Maguire, a go-go dancer. Not only is Darren about the hottest guy that Tommy has ever seen, but he also has an identical twin brother named Michael who is also a dancer

Things quickly heat up for Tommy and Darren, but Michael doesn’t exactly approve. Michael is more serious and wishes his brother Darren would focus more on his education. When Michael meets the man of his dreams, however, he begins to understand the power of romance

Each of the twins becomes embroiled in relationships which are sure to affect their future, but in the party environment of a dance club, can any such relationship last? And what of the parade of hot guys that constantly come in and out of their lives? Only time will tell if Tommy has actually met the man of his dreams or if he’s simply allowed himself to be swept up by a passing sensation.

                                                                      2.5 STARS 
I gotta be honest I just didn't like this book, simply because one twin was nice the other an asshole. It just didn't sit well with me though it was probably closer to the truth I didn't like Darren using Tommy and then to find out that Michael is the one to apologize for him just flat out ticked me off. The twins in this book come across as gold diggers and users and poor Tommy came across as clueless and insecure. So sorry I gotta say I did not like this book. I'm not recommending I thought I'd get a love story, got plenty of sex but not what I was expecting.

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