Monday, April 23, 2012

Trip's Fury (Dark Times #5) by Christine Shaw

Trip's Fury (Dark Times, #5)
Stopping in a '50s-style diner close to midnight on his way across country was not when Trip Barret expected a life-changing experience. As he meets the chef, he finds himself giving his small mate pleasure right there in the diner before demanding the little man go home with him.

Micah Fury has always been alone from the very moment he was able to understand what the word meant, and when the sexiest man he has ever seen comes to the place where he works demanding Micah go home with him, he jumps at the chance. Moving to Texas seemed like a good idea, and the fact the man is a Dom sure as hell didn't go unnoticed—that is until he finds himself with a mating mark for life and a very real werewolf mate who wants him always.

Back home everything runs smoothly until unusual things begin to happen. Something is different in Trip's mate, and what will happen when they find out what is different with Micah?

                                                     4.5 STARS 

This is book #3 in the Dark Times series, it's Trips story and I really really liked this story it's more character inclined and has limited drama, right now that works for me. I liked the immediate chemistry between Trip & Micah with the added getting to know each other and the mystery of who Micah really is added in. 

Micah seems like a level headed been through hell but determined to survive kinda guy, who likes a little makeup and flash with his style. Though he is missing memories from his past, he has a strong will to keep going, I really liked this guy. He's nobody's doormat.

Trip is a beta in his best friend Dark's pack, when his mother passes away he head to his home pack where he was thrown out for being gay for her funeral. On the way back he stops for a meal, and meets Micah his mate. 

It's a fast love story but well written and all the information that I feel is important is given, explained and fits well within this story.
I recommend but seriously this series is great I like it just pre-ordered the fourth in this series.

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