Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Brass Balls (Handcuffs and Lace) by Mia Watts

Brass Balls
Handcuffs and Lace Series

Kissing a fellow police officer might not have been the smartest drunken move Oak Takala has made in recent years. Okay, and it might have complicated the issue that the officer in question is his father’s former partner, Wyatt Peterman. Aaaaaand there’s the fact that Peterman is the newly appointed precinct captain.

So what the fuck? Why not go balls to the wall and make a play no one will forget

                                                 4 STARS 

I like this series, I don't know why actually but it's funny and sexy and cute. This is just one more added to the adorable list, what can I say I liked it. Oak is a PO who has a huge crush on not only the guy thats his new Captain but also his dads best friend, throw in one drunk night, a blind date and finally giving up the fight and you get this fun, sexy, adorable story. I recommend this one it's a short read but great for a bedtime read.

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