Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dove Me Tender, Dove Me Sweet (The SEX Factor #3) by Scarlet Hyacinth

Dove Me Tender, Dove Me Sweet (The SEX Factor, #3)When werewolf Maddox rescues dove Avery from a hunter, he is shocked by the emotions Avery rouses within him. Sparks fly, but Maddox sees Avery as too fragile to pursue a relationship.

A long time ago, Avery was kicked out by his parents for being gay. His boyfriend cast him aside and a shocking event turned him into a fugitive. For the first time in ten years, Avery wants to trust someone, but his increasingly strong feelings for Maddox make him fear the werewolf’s rejection.

However, as Avery becomes involved in an attempt to investigate who is hunting shape-shifters, his past makes an unexpected comeback. The appearance of Avery’s first love arouses Maddox’s jealousy and brings about new questions and problems. The truth Avery has been hiding will finally rear its ugly head and when that happens, it will be up to Maddox to save his dove, and them all

                                                         4.5 STARS 

This is book #3 in The SEX Factor series it's about Avery whose a dove that we meet in book 2, he's young shy and running from his past. Then we meet Maddox whose a wolf and he's a loner but rescues Avery, they fight their attraction to each other until Avery's past comes back to haunt him then they realize they can't fight it anymore they love each other.

I found this book to be absolutely adorable, I mean there is drama in it and some serious heartbreak but the love story is wonderfully written and very enjoyable. This being apart of a series you really should read the first 2 books but as I've said before they were really great too, you will enjoy them. I'm recommending this book. 

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