Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sweetly Addictive (Dark Times #4) by Christine Shaw

Sweetly Addictive (Dark Times, #4)
After watching all his friends mate, Jay North is beginning to get depressed. Is it so hard to have a mate of his own? Then one night—well, morning—as he drowns another bottle of Jack Daniel’s, his phone rings, his alpha demanding they meet. Upon arrival he is met with the sweetest scent he has ever come across. Chocolates and oranges—his mate's scent.

After being thrown from his pack, something tells Danny James to go to Texas. He has no idea why, but when he finds himself at the door of the light pack’s alpha, his entire world gets thrown upside down. His mate not only lives in the light pack but also is their enforcer. Yet Danny can't find it in himself to be happy. He thinks because of his homosexuality he has given up his right to a destined mate of his own.

Can Danny find it in him to be with his mate?

                                                            4.25 STARS 
This is book 4 in the Dark Times series, I gotta say I liked it, this whole series has been fun, sexy and just flat out entertaining as hell for me.

 Danny I just fell for and the surprise of who he really is just made me love him even more, his fears are justified and make a whole lotta sense considering what he's been through. Plus to his mate Jay he smells like chocolate & oranges yum. Even when he pushes Jay away he still tries not to be mean about it, Danny is just adorable. and I loved see Kai, Harry & Micah again.

Jay is adorable just cause he's pouting at the beginning of the book, I thought it was cute a big tough guy that pouts so well LOL. Jay tries to be supportive and understanding but patience is not this guys strong point. At one point I got a little concerned that Jay was going to do something stupid, but I got the why, in this story Great Job Ms. Shaw.

I recommend this book, and if you haven't read this series you need to it's very entertaining plus the sex is really Hot! ( yeah I know I always like the sex).

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