Saturday, April 14, 2012

Eight Second Fall (Sexually Awkward #3) by Gabrielle Evans

Eight Second Fall (Sexually Awkward #3)
With the threat of a mysterious enemy hanging over their heads, the last thing on Cedric Barrows’ mind is finding his mate. A vampire mate is even worse, but it’s not easy to resist the way Cash’s very presence soothes the pain inside him.
Cash Gavin berated himself for months trying to figure out why Cedric ran from him, slamming the door on their budding relationship. Everyone says the shifter needs time, but Cash wonders if there isn’t something more keeping his mate from him.
Secrets aren’t so much revealed as unraveled, and neither can believe they let things go so far. Between Cash’s guilt and the new reality Cedric must face, the road to love won’t be an easy one. As they’re tested time and again, the pair will have to learn to trust in their bond if they have any hope of overcoming the obstacles in their path

                                                  4.75 STARS

Squee! I just gotta say Ms. Evans has made my day, I Loved this book everything about it, the love story, the plot line, the HOT!! sex, it was awesome I can't wait to get the next one.

Cedric is one of the six guys that make up the Fantasy Creations company (custom made sex toys for the paranormal). He's also a oclet shifter he's being cased by a bad vamp whose trying to steal his oclet's soul. His mate Cash who we meet in the previous book is trying to keep his mate safe. Cash whom I loved I mean who ever heard of a Vampire cowboy whose accent alone makes him Hot!

 We actually get more into the ensuing plot of the series and a lot more information. I'm a big fan of this new series totally and completely hooked, love love love it...the secondary characters that we get to meet are so cute and i can't wait to get their stories. The fact that Cedric & Cash have to work so hard at their relationship makes it more intense and enjoyable.

 I recommend it but seriously this series is AWESOME! 

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