Saturday, April 21, 2012

Be There (Pushing the Envelope #8) by Kim Dare

Be There (Pushing the Envelope, #8)
In his last note, Scott offered Joe exactly the kind of scene he loves to be part of. It only seems fair that Joe take the other man on the kind of date he’d be sure to love in return.

A fancy restaurant, outfits that don’t contain any leather outside a belt and a pair of shoes, a night spent surrounded by the kind of people who might not even like seeing two men together, let alone seeing them enjoying their kinks, what could possibly go wrong?

Joe’s ordered Scott to be there. All he can do now is hope he manages to survive a night in his own idea of vanilla flavoured purgatory

                                                                         4.75 STARS 

Ok I know this is book #8 but I have read #1-#7 too. And I love this series it's not very long stories and it's more a really sweet, fun, sexy love story that is broken up into parts. Scott has a crush on Joe whose a Dom, and Scott is secretly a Sub, each book takes you through what starts out as just a fun one off but develops into so much more.

 I love how we get to know the two Mc's and what's going on inside their heads and hearts. The added intensity of the written invites is adorable and a great way to develop each character, we learn so much from Scott & Joe by what they ask for in these notes.
I recommend this series, and I can't wait to read what Scott & Joe learn about each other next. It's a beautiful love story that's slow building (which I love) but it also has a Dom/Sub storyline and what that means in it.

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