Friday, April 6, 2012

Lennox (Resistant Omegas #4) by Joyee Flynn

Lennox (Resistant Omegas, #4)The Omega Network has gone into effect. Numbers of suffering omegas—like Lennox—are being rescued across America. Lennox Ashton has endured extreme levels of neglect and torture from his inner circle. All he wants to do is end the pain, but others refuse to allow him to give up.

Hugo Cormac is the strong, protective new Alpha of the Oceanside, California, pack who is willing to do everything he can to show Lennox how much he loves him. Beta Blair Peregrine wants to be the caretaker of his budding family, tending to the needs of those he loves before his own. Falcon Beall, also one of Hugo's Betas, is the calm one of the group. He longs to love and to be loved.

Just as these werewolves begin their life together, Lennox is captured. Will he be saved, or will his life end just as he is finding love

                                                            4.5 STARS

This is the series that got me started on Joyee Flynn books and I gotta say, this one did not disappoint. There is more drama in this series than I usually like but Bless her heart Ms. Flynn writes it to where I'm not hating it, I may cry for the characters and it brings me back for more.

Lennox is literally put through hell, I mean the shit he goes through I don't see how anybody can survive that. Then he's finally recused by Hugo who at the time is a bodyguard/ enforcer type of guy. He becomes an Alpha to keep Lennox with him. Now it's an interesting take on how love doesn't care on the outside shell of a person. I love this plotline it makes you think. Of course things happen within the story but they meet their two Beta's and the Hot sex ensues (Yay for me) and I mean Hot sex....cold shower before continuing to read...You also meet some really interesting secondary characters that I hope we get their stories soon.

I recommend this book, and this series, If you want an entertaining story that will keep you coming back for more this series is for you.  

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