Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Face Value (Sanctuary #3) by RJ Scott

Face Value (Sanctuary #3)
Beckett Jamieson is temporarily blinded by his uncle and father’s harsh beating. Rushed to safety by a secretive organisation, the one person he trusted leaves him in care of Kayden Summers. Can he now trust the doctor to keep him safe?

Beckett Jamieson discovers he’s adopted when a lawyer hands him a letter from his mother on his twenty-first birthday. His real name is Robert Bullen, but the Bullen family is involved in criminal activity of the worst kind. He decides to bring them down but ends up badly beaten and temporarily blinded. A Sanctuary agent takes him to a safe house to heal.

Doctor Kayden Summers is a Sanctuary operative and isn’t happy about being stuck in the middle of nowhere with an unconscious man. When Beckett wakes up, the situation goes from bad to worse. Beckett doesn’t trust him, is as determined as ever to find the evidence his mother hid, and on top of all that, Kayden finds himself attracted to the determined young man.

Can they overcome their issues and eliminate the threat from the Bullen brothers

                                                                 4.5 STARS 

I gotta say I really liked this book, this series has had me up & down I loved the first book, not so much the second but then again maybe thats cause I didn't get a happy ever after with that one (yet?). But with Face Value I enjoyed the chemistry between the characters, and the ensuing mystery even more there's not much sex in this one of course what was there is Hot but I mean I felt like I learned more about this series and what it's supposed to be really about.

The characters Kayden & Beckett we really get to know but we are also taught more about the other characters as well. It's chock full of mystery and intrigue, of the (hilarious wording here) alphabet government agencies, mob connections and even a senator. Like I said I thoroughly enjoyed this story and can't wait to get the next one. I'm seriously recommending this one.

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