Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Playing the Point (Blue Line Hockey #6) by Stephani Hecht

Playing the Point (Blue Line Hockey, #6)
While growing up, Zimon always lived in his older brother's shadow. While his sibling went on to join the military and become a war hero, things grew even worse when Zimon's life spiraled out of control and he found himself in a dark place where he almost lost his life.

Then Zimon's brother fell in love and changed all the rules in their once, nice, neat life and now Zimon finds himself in the role of supporting his brother in his newest dream, opening and running the biggest hockey rink in the metro Detroit area. While Zimon had never envisioned his future being the manager of a front service desk of a rink, it beats working as a shot-boy at the gay club, so he jumps at the chance for the new job.

Bryce never imagined that, while at the height of his NHL career, he'd find himself becoming part owner of a rundown hockey rink. Yet, that's exactly what happens when a group of his friends get it in their crazy heads to start the new business. One day, when he's in town, he decides to check the place out. When he clashes with the bratty, yet cute man running the front desk, Bryce is both annoyed and intrigued.

Will Zimon and Bryce ever be able to get over their differences? Or will the final buzzer sound before they find a way to happiness?

                                                4 STARS 

This is the first Stephani Hecht book that made me bawl like a baby, and I did truly. Although it's a sweet book and has some sex in it, this book was intense. But I loved it just the same, it deals with some serious issues and still has a sweet love story to it. Great Job Ms. Hecht!!!
In my reviews I don't want to give to much of the story away that takes the fun out of it right? So I'll give ya the gist of it, Zimon at first comes across as a go-go boy party hard kinda guy, but we get to see the deep inside that has been through hell and is still trying to survive, he has a very low self esteem and struggles to make his brother proud of him. His story is very intense and I was glad that he found Bryce.

Bryce on the other hand is a closeted NHL player, who meets Zimon and is smitten, they go through a lot of issues for such a short book, but I didn't feel i was missing anything, like I said it's a very sweet story and yes you will need tissues a lot of them at least I did. I recommend this one.

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