Monday, April 2, 2012

Full Disclosure by Sean Michael

Full Disclosure

Samuel Cavanaugh never thought the hardest part about being a lawyer would be keeping an administrative assistant, but with Jeannie on pregnancy leave, he's gone through five since he became a partner. Yet his newest assistant is Jarrod Tinsley, an attractive man who just might fulfill all his fantasies, even the ones he didn't know he had.

Unbeknownst to Samuel, Jarrod has been hired by the law firm to investigate whether Samuel is "the leak," the person selling confidential information to the firm's opponents. Jarrod thinks it's going to be a run-of-the-mill job until he actually meets his sexy new boss, and then all bets are off. Samuel triggers in Jarrod every one of his Dom tendencies, and he knows instinctively exactly what Samuel needs to have all his fantasies fulfilled.

Can Samuel and Jarrod survive the investigation and their attraction to each other, or will their fragile relationship go tumbling down in pieces? 

                                         4.25 STARS 

I love the style that Sean Michael writes it more about the individual characters and yes the HOT sex but with enough of a storyline/plot to keep me invested. I liked this one alot I mean whats hotter that men in designer suits getting it on in the office, on the desk? 

Jarrod is hired to investigate Samuel whose an attorney but needs a new assistant immediately so Jarrod works out well than he starts to fall for his boss. Though it's got a interesting twist with the boss-man being the submissive I liked it only problem too short, I'd like to have continued on with this couple they were fun.
I recommend this short read.

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