Sunday, April 22, 2012

Set Me On Fire by AJ Jarrett

Set Me On Fire
Kelly Lynch wanted to become a firefighter to help people and give his life meaning. But his accident-prone nature has his boss thinking he's an utter fool. He never planned to fall for Nate Anderson, but now that he has, he's realizing loving is easy; it's understanding and comprise that is the hard part.

Nate has been attracted to Kelly since his first day at the station house, and watching the younger man day in day out is frustrating to say the least. Kelly's latest stunt almost got him killed, and for fear of losing Kelly, Nate decides to discourage the man of his dreams from his own dream.

Will Nate's demanding ways push Kelly away, causing the flames of their love to smolder and die? Or can Kelly prove he has what it takes to become a firefighter Nate can be proud of, in and out of the bedroom?

                                                     4.5 STARS 

I bought this book because I read Mile's Awakening by this Author and Loved it, Yeah I know call me a perv whatever This author can write some Damn Scorching sex scenes, but believe me the storyline that goes along with it is worth the read. Set me on Fire is HOT! I mean who knew I had a thing for Firemen (okay,okay quit laughing) of course I have a thing for Firemen doesn't every woman? 

Kelly is this adorable rookie Firemen who apparently is a bit clumsy but he's learning the ropes and making mistakes is sometimes normal, plus he's got a crush on his lieutenant(boss).

While Nate's comes across as a hard ass, whose constantly yelling and putting Kelly down. Yet he also has a secret crush on Kelly, his fears of something happening to the young rookie makes him come across as hating Kelly not wanting him.

I loved this book it's intense but fun especially the Lieutenant's brother the Captain Andy I liked him. My favorite thing in this book besides the Hot sex was that Kelly stood up for himself and didn't cower under his intense desire for Nate. It's a really great love story in a shorter read but I liked it. I recommend.

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