Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mark's Opening Gambit by Lee Brazil

Mark's Opening GambitThe son of a wealthy business man, Mark Addison is an expert at chess and hiding. Mason Grant labors with his hands in a menial position; he's open about who he is and what he wants in ways that terrify Mark. Their paths shouldn't have crossed, but now that they have...

They came from different backgrounds, yet each adheres to his own version of family duty and responsibility. One would make any sacrifice for his family's well being. For Mason Grant that means leaving school at sixteen and working hard while living as a man of integrity to set an example for his brothers.

The other would sacrifice anything to keep his family life calm. If that means hiding who he really is from his high society, narrow-minded parents, then that's what Mark Addison will do. He just wants to run his shop, host a few tournaments, play a few games of chess.

When Mason meets fussy, precise chess tournament director Mark, he isn't expecting much more than a few hours of uncomfortable sleep in his car while his brother plays.

One disdainful look from Mark changes that.

                                                                      4.25 STARS 

I really liked this read, it had drama, hot sex and a adorable love story, yet still had some major drama and a little heartache to boot.
Mark is a stuffy shirt but you really get why he is the way he is, the things he does to keep the peace with his family is a horrible mess and you can see why he's so stressed out. I was really glad when he finally grows a pair and decides to live his life his way, not his parents. I liked the way he really dug deep to think things through and that we get to see that in his character.

Mason I also enjoyed, I mean you don't see many kids who would help their mother raise two other sons like that, if he had been my son I would have been very proud of the man he turned out to be. I love that Mason is a strong character but had a very vulnerable side, and you see how much he ends up in love with Mark.

It's a really good story, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I recommend. 

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