Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Lynx Who Purred for a Sidhe Prince (Mate or Meal #9) by Scarlet Hyacinth

The Lynx Who Purred for a Sidhe Prince (Mate or Meal, #9)
Ally or admirer? When lynx shifter Corbin falls for Sidhe prince Winter, he doesn’t expect being forced into a political marriage. What is more important—the happiness of two men in love, or the safety of two peoples?

Years ago, Winter lost his parents to an assassination, and he knows that now, the duty to protect the Sidhe falls on his shoulders. Secretly, he is happy when a wedding with Corbin Mckenna is suggested as a solution to improve diplomatic relations between shifters and Sidhe. With one kiss, Corbin is capable of turning his entire body into flame and sweeping him of his feet. But Winter fears what a bond with him will entail for Corbin. He fears losing Corbin, like he lost his parents.

To survive, their love will have to fight their duty, and an unexpected outside threat that could kill Winter. What will their future bring?

                                                              4.75 STARS 

I loved that book#8 threw us such an interesting and wonderful twist that led to Corbin's story here in book#9. This series gets better and better with each book, we keep getting new surprises that keep me wanting more. I've already got the next book pre-ordered can't wait to read it.

Corbin we met early on in this series is a Lynx shifter who has a stubborn side even when he meets Winter his mate who happens to be a sidhe Prince next in line to the throne. There's a lot that goes on in this series that each book brings us closer to the main focus of said series. 

Yet we get to interact to a lot of previous book characters, which I love and still we learn so much about our currant MC's. Winter has been reluctantly deceiving his new found friends, once he is put on the spot he decides to come clean. To fix this he must get married to none other than Corbin, thank goodness Corbin is on board since Winter really is his mate. Then the fun begins.

I recommend I loved this story, I'm a sucker for an HEA so a story that brings me that and can entertain me is a great read!

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