Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jeremiah's Heart (Shifters of Mystery #3) by Lynn Hagen

Jeremiah's Heart (Shifters of Mystery, #3)
When Sylvester agrees to go out on a date with Charles Sinclair, he has no idea that it will start a chain of events that will unravel right before his very eyes.

Jeremiah finds himself rescuing a human who has been experimented on by the alpha and doesn’t think the man while live through the night. Throwing caution to the wind, Jeremiah bites Sylvester to free the human from the all-consuming pain the experiment has caused.

Though strangers, Jeremiah and Sylvester form a bond that they both treasure. But when the drug starts having adverse effects on Sylvester, they find the only way to stop the pain, is to give Sylvester the cure—but the cure severs the bond between them.

Never before has this happened, and both men feel a loss so great that neither thinks he will survive. Will fate find a way to reunite them, or will both men lose what they worked so hard to build?

                                                            4.5 STARS 

I am a huge fan of Ms. Hagen's books, doesn't matter what series the book is in I always enjoy it. I'm either laughing, crying, needing a cold shower, or squealing like a little girl, but I can trust in that she will entertain me. As with this one book 3 in the Shifters of Mystery series I really like the concept of this series right from the start. I'm so loving this series I really wanna read the next one soon and can't wait for Pat & Sam's story.

At the end of book 2 we meet Sylvester who is abducted & injected with werewolf venom to make him turn, which may kill him when Jeremiah steps in to make him his mate which will save Sylvester but still turn him. In book 3 we see how Sylvester is abducted and why, plus we get more info on where the series may be going and a few other secondary characters that may get their own story. 

Jeremiah is kinda a grumpy butt in previous books and we get more info of why he's  like that. Plus we get how meeting Sylvester and falling for him changes the way he looks at the world. It's a really cute love story that at one point broke my heart, I cried like a baby, but then the sex is incredibly hot so I stopped. 

I recommend this one but you really need to read the series, its fun, sexy and very entertaining. Loved it.

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