Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Guitarist in the Fae Queen's Court (Fae Intervention #1) by Amber Kell

A Guitarist in the Fae Queen's Court (Fae Intervention, #1)

When Jimmy Bo Jackson auditions for a gig little does he know it will plunge him into faery court intrigue or that his lover has been keeping secrets from him.

Prince Rain has avoided the stifling environment of the fae court for years, but when his beloved guitarist goes missing he'll give up anything to save the man he loves.
                                                            5 STARS 
Everybody knows I enjoy an Amber Kell book almost always but this story caught me by surprise. First of all I didn't like the cover so I almost put it on my will read later list but then I read the blurb and was intrigued. remember when I said authors you really need to watch your blurbs cause that can make a person want to read your story or scare them away, I have found plenty of blurbs that made me put off reading an incredible story only to read someone else's review that makes me decide to go ahead. Anyway this blurb intrigued me, and I am so glad I didn't put it off. I LOVED THIS BOOK! 
When Jimmy answers an ad for a musician, all hell breaks lose LOL. I was so surprised at where this book went and how seamlessly it progressed to a gorgeous love story that I couldn't put it down. What I got was so much more that just a sweet sexy love story this one had intense emotions, that at some points had me in tears but in a good way. It's definitely a love story but I got more of each characters feelings together and separately, the emotions from each character was incredibly strong.
 Rain being a Prince of the fae is keeping that from Jimmy until Jimmy disappears then he has to go save his true love from his mother and his half brother. And I will say I was very surprised by the villain, which was kinda fun too, I liked how Rain didn't want anything but Jimmy and their need to be together. I Highly Recommend.

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