Friday, August 17, 2012

Working Stiffs (Deadzone #1) by Jana Downs

Working Stiffs (Deadzone #1)
After the collapse of civilization, Ager Munez finds work as an agent, helping customers with their zombie insurance needs. He’s a bit of a workaholic and a romantic at heart, but the only romance he’s been experiencing lately involves watching his bosses in tight-fitting jeans on casual Fridays.

Jim and Jason Tanner agree they want a third in their relationship, but have never been able to find the right man. When Ager begins working at Deadzone, they know that they’ve found their match. He’s smart, funny, and adorable in a way that should be illegal in at least four sectors.

When a zombie outbreak in Sector 7 requires field representatives, the two know the perfect candidate for the job. Little does Ager know that this mission will test him in ways he’s never been tested and land him not one but two hot men in his bed and his heart. 

                                                                    4.25 STARS 

This being my first zombie story I gotta say I was a little freaked out on those damn creepy zombie LOL Although I liked the story and LOVED the characters like I said those damn zombies freaked my ass out. I even had a dream about them....shivers...of course I got over it and enjoyed this interesting series anyway in part because I felt that Ms. Downs wrote a hell of a story, and part because I fell for all three MC's.

Jim & Jason are a married couple with a grown son that have been together for 20yrs they're looking for a third not to fix anything in their relationship but just because that's how they both feel they want to expand their love we'll say. Ager works for Deadzone which is owned by Jim & Jason, I loved how there wasn't any of the jealousy or strife and we could focus on them building a relationship. Throw in running from zombies and a surprise that I didn't see coming and your in for a wild ride. I hope we get Brooklyn's story soon and maybe Jack's too. I recommend

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