Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mickey's Duke (The Wilgrin Chronicles 01) by Vicktor Alexander

Mickey's Duke (The Wilgrin Chronicles, #1)
When Michael "Mickey" Monroe arrived on the planet Wilgrin, after escaping his home of Rodeiro, his only plan had been to make just enough money to get enough fuel to fly to another planet. One where no one knew him, where he could fade into the background. Where he didn't have to worry about someone trying to beat him up at every turn.

However, working in the restaurant known as Durac, Mickey comes in contact with Carl Cavendish and realizes that no matter where he goes, someone is going to want to beat the shit out of him. Making a run for it, Mickey comes face to face with one of the most gorgeous carriages that he's ever seen, with a real live duke inside. Accepting the stranger's offer of help, Mickey soon finds himself naked and in the arms of Evander Cavendish, the gorgeous father of Carl Cavendish.

Before Mickey can blink he's married and dealing with a stepson that would rather see him dead than at the dining room table, a husband who only seems to want him for his body, and a secret that he doesn't know how to reveal to his new family, but one that he only has about nine months to share before it makes an appearance all on its own.

                                                                        3.75 STARS 

I had a hard time rating this story, while I really liked Mickey & Evander, their relationship is well thought out and written to where it doesn't feel like it's a fast relationship even though it is. I mean we get to know the characters but its mostly after they get married not before and it's a fun relationship I mean who doesn't want a knight on a white horse (in this case it's a carriage) to come to their rescue right? Then having sex right there in said carriage yet it's made to feel kinda fun and sexy which it does. I liked that Mickey didn't tell Evander his secret yet and that Evander isn't perfect either, that kept this story fun and exciting, what I didn't like was Carl and how easily he can fool his dad Evander. And I will say Evander pissed me off by not listening to Mickey about Carls abuse and the fact that Mickey was scared of him. So I wasn't to happy about how that was resolved but I still liked the relationship with these two it was fun and sexy as hell. I felt this was a fun read that for the most part I highly enjoyed. I recommend

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