Thursday, August 16, 2012

Liam's Happiness (The Portland Pack #01) by Kam Miller

Liam's Happiness (The Portland Pack, #1)
After losing his parents as a child, Liam was kept in isolation and under control of his abusive pack Alpha. He eventually escaped and was able to forge a life as a lone wolf, finally able to find some peace on his life.

After finding out Liam had survived the explosion that killed his parents, Griffon immediately started working on rescuing Liam from the corrupt pack that was keeping him prisoner. Ten years after realizing Liam was his mate, Griffon finally found Liam living as a wolf in the Canadian wilderness.

All Griffon wants is to do is take Liam home to the Portland pack and protect him from all the evils in the world, but Liam is scared to leave the peace he has finally found in his life. Will Liam be able to follow his instinct and believe in the happiness Griffon represents, or has his ability to trust been completely shattered?

An emergency takes Liam and Griffon away from the haven of Liam's den, causing Liam to confront his past and risk his future. Will Griffon be able to protect his mate from the people who are out to control him and give Liam the happiness he deserves?

                                                                              4 STARS 

This story was cute and funny, and DAMN the sex scenes were HOT! I enjoyed the characters especially Liam I mean he's been through so much, its amazing he survived. With the help of his best friend whom Liam thinks died he escapes his psycho grandparents and goes on the run. He's on the run for yrs when his mate Griffin whose been searching for him finally finds him But there's still some crazy drama and they have to go rescue Cale, Liam's best friend from his nutty grandmother since Griffin killed his grandfather to become alpha of his pack. The fun begins when Liam goes home with Griffin and meets the "family" so to speak I loved these other characters too they made me laugh. So I will be buying the next one in this series since it captured my attention so well. besides it really is a fun story, I recommend

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