Thursday, August 23, 2012

Deep Blues Goodbye (Altered States, Book 1) by Laura Harner & T.A. Webb

Deep Blues Goodbye (Altered States, Book 1)
The world might not have been ready for vampires when NOPD Detective Travis Boudreaux had the bad taste to sit up at his own funeral, but two years later, the new cause célèbre is civil rights for preternatural beings and most humans are on the bandwagon. Except whoever was killing vampires and wannabes.

Detective Sam Garrett hates all things preternatural. Having your undead partner try to make you his first meal will do that to you. Adding insult to the old injury, Sam has been banished to the Paranormal Criminal Investigations Unit—the Odd Squad—Black gay dude gets an object lesson in tolerance.

Now it’s up to Detective Danny Burkette to work with Garrett by day and Boudreaux by night as they follow a trail that leads from the historic cemeteries of New Orleans to the bayous of southern Louisiana, under the all-to-interested gaze of a master vampire and the local pack Alpha. Some lessons in life—and death—are hard to come by…and not all second chances are created equal.

                                                                        5+ STARS 

I gotta say I frickin' LOVE this series, I mean the first book in this series Altered States was awesome I loved the characters, we got to know them  and fall in love with them in it. Besides the ending in the first Rocked! So I was really looking forward to this book. I was not disappointed Deep Blues Goodbye was awesome, I love adding Danny into the mix and the Alpha there's just too much in this book that I loved. Everything from the Action story line to the Hot romance, to learning about each individual character and what motivates them. 

It's funny as hell but intense and sexy and just Awesome. And dammit to hell all, I'm left with another frickin'  cliffhanger ARGH!!!! It's a good ARGH but still ARGH!! LOL! I love to read a story that not only gets me excited and intrigues me but also makes me want to learn more about the characters, I wanted to see what happened next soo much that I was literally bouncing in my seat as I was reading. And I can't say which character is my favorite because I became invested in each one, I can't even say who I want each guy to end up with (of course that saying if thats the way this series is going I really can't tell yet) I'm just saying I was very entertained and I wanna read more please, pretty please, even more with this story than the first.

So if you wanna be excited and intrigued here's your Altered States first because it's fascinating and smoothly goes from a crime drama to paranormal without missing any steps. And Deep Blues Goodbye is even more fascinating. I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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