Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Possession Pointe (Combined Edition) by Leigh Jarrett

Possession Pointe (Combined Edition)
(Combined Edition - Possession Pointe and Possession Pointe 2)

Marc Tucker and Adam O'Neill typically wouldn't have crossed paths due to their vastly different career choices. Marc has been playing professional football for the past two years, straight out of college, while Adam has been honing his craft since he was nine years old; when his mother bought him his first pair of ballet shoes.

Mandatory training for the offensive players on Marc's team finds him in a ballet studio for the very first time in his life. The coach has told them it will improve their flexibility and agility, but Marc isn't the least bit impressed with the idea until he catches sight of their new ballet master. Adam's beautiful lines and lean muscular presence have Marc's body warming up in all the right places, but has Marc made a seriously misplaced assumption about Adam's potential interest in him?

                                                               1.5 STARS 
I truly just didn't like this story, first of  the characters meet very quickly I mean Marc meets Adam in class and asks him out right after, wouldn't sound so bad right? but Adam swears his straight even though he agrees to go hangout anyway WTF? Then we get Adam who even though he wants Marc touching him fights it for the most part. Then we get Adam to finally admit his feelings only to have sweet patient Marc freakout and run off another WTF? moment. Add in very religious conservative nuts for Adam's parents, a sweet child that ends up trapped in the middle and Adam not being able to make a decision  and I felt this story was total chaos and not in a good way it took all I could muster up to actually finish this book. Sorry I won't recommend

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