Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Tate Pack Serial Anthology: Love, Liquor, Chocolates & Loyalty (Tate Pack #5) by Vicktor Alexander

A Tate Pack Serial Anthology: Love, Liquor, Chocolates & Loyalty (Tate Pack, #5)

What begins as a typical day at the Tate Ranch turns into the the Tate cowboys's worst nightmare.
From mates disappearing and being kidnapped, the appearance of vampires and the loss of one of their own, will the Tate Pack be able to survive when faced with Love, Liquor, Chocolates and Loyalty?
                                                           4.5 STARS 
This anthology has 4 different stories in it: A very Tate Pack Valentines, A very Tate St Patrick's, A very Tate Easter, and A very Tate Memorial day. Each story ties in together but have different couples that it concentrates on, the couples have already been introduced except for two that will be getting their own books soon I believe. But none of the books were hard to follow, besides the EXTREMELY HOT sex each book has an intense emotional issue that needs to be worked through with the couple thats host to that book. And there are beautifully written sweet and funny moments but also some serious indepth thinking one too. I can't wait to read more I love the Tate Pack. I Highly Recommend

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