Thursday, August 23, 2012

Golden (Bedtime Stories #1) by Joyee Flynn

When the man Golden grew up loving as his father sells him into slavery after his mother’s tragic death, the sheltered Golden must leave all he knows and travel to the dark Withering Woods.

Boris, the oldest of the three bear shifter brothers who bought Golden, makes him want to escape every time he opens his mouth. Boone’s gentle companionship is a welcome relief from Boris’s roughness, but Bash, the youngest, wants nothing to do with him, which might not be such a bad thing considering Boris and Boone want Golden every second… On his back.

Boone seems to be just right, but can Golden fall in love with a man who owns him? If he could, would Boris stay away from Golden’s bed… And would Golden want him to?

                                                                     3.5 STARS 

Golden is a take off of Goldilocks & the Three Bears, but in male form and not for kids LOL. I liked this story it had an interesting twist with the three brothers there's also no incest or touching by the brothers to each other only to Golden. One thing I didn't really ever warm to Boris I mainly just wanted to kick his ass the entire story, Boone's the sweetheart and Bash is a surprise and Golden I just wanted to help him have a better life. It's also not a shifter story more about the bears being cursed and wanting to break said curse. It's a fun story not really indepth emotionally but a really neat bedtime story, that I enjoyed. I recommend


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