Sunday, August 19, 2012

Controlling Interest by Camden Tate

Controlling Interest
Love is for other people.

That's Tag Stetson's opinion anyway. Twenty five, rigorously single and very gay he's thrown himself into private work as an electrical engineer at the expense of everything else. He has no friends, no family, not even a cat to call his own. Another man might be lonely, but Tag is working at the very edge of his field and entirely consumed by his work.

It is that work that leads him to cross paths with Nicholas McKenna, CEO of MCK and one of the most powerful men in the industry. Tag hopes to sell his latest invention to MCK and hopefully make a tidy profit, but he gets far more than he bargained for when he pitches his product.

Older, wiser, handsome with a little gray around the edges, Nicholas has the experience to see not only the value of Tag's invention, but its inventor too. Nicholas is a man used to claiming all that he desires, and getting everything he wants, but Tag's unexpectedly strong independent streak throws a spanner in the works.

What ensues is a pursuit both professional and personal as Nicholas seeks to make Tag his own – whether Tag likes it or not.

                                                               1 STAR 

I don't really like reviewing books that I personally don't like but that's also why I decided to do this. I like hearing what others think of a book good or bad and yeah it does make a difference on whether I will want to read it or not, since I spend money on my books I want to feel like I made a good investment. And to be honest I was extremely disappointed in this book. The storyline seemed interesting at first I mean Tag is an inventor/physicist of sorts and he approaches Nicholas CEO of MCK to sell his product thats where the interesting storyline ends plain and simple. Nicholas becomes a weird dictator type of guy and after the first meeting with Tag I felt he was a bad guy not one half of a couple. A Tag feels more like he has Stockholm Syndrome, like he sort of gives up because he has no other choice. I truly couldn't like Nicholas there was no redeeming qualities in his character, and it's rare for me to almost hate a character even a villain so imagine my surprise when it's supposed to be main MC. I felt cheated with this story it's not even truthfully what the blurb promises I won't recommend I truly can't in good faith this book was a huge disappointment for me.

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