Monday, August 27, 2012

Strengthened By Fire (By Fire #2) by Andrew Grey

Strengthened By Fire
Sequel to Redemption by Fire

Lee Staunton and Dirk Krause have been seeing each other for a couple of months when they get the bad news: the firehouse they work at will be closed unless they can come up with the money to complete some maintenance and repairs. The union wants to stand and fight. There’s just one problem: the only suggestion for how to raise the money is Lee’s. And Dirk hates it.

Unfortunately, everyone else thinks Lee’s “Chicken and Beefcake” dinner—which they’ll attend in just their hats, boots, and fire pants—is a great idea, and Lee goes ahead with the organizing. But interference from the borough council and low ticket sales threaten to rain on Lee’s parade. If Dirk can’t put aside his pride and stubborn nature for one night, it could cost both him and Lee their jobs—never mind their relationship.

                                                            4.5 STARS 

The first book to this series captured my attention and I enjoyed it immensely so I was excited to get another story for this Hot as Hell couple. It didn't disappoint either, Lee & Dirk have such a fun but intense relationship that you can almost feel their emotions coming off the pages. To say that this intense love story makes me extremely happy is like saying I only like coffee, not that I have to have a Starbucks IV every morning to survive. LOL It makes me want to read more of this awesome couple, the issues that both have to work through like dealing with Dirk's fanatical dad, to watching how much they touch at work, to still trying to get used to being in a relationship, this couple does it for me. Lee's idea of a beekcake dinner made me want to buy tickets LOL, but damn both of them there and I'd want to bring all my friends too. I enjoyed this story simple as that, it's fun, beautiful and sexy as hell I highly recommend.

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