Monday, August 27, 2012

Cherrypicker (Blue Line Hockey #7) by Stephani Hecht

Cherrypicker (Blue Line Hockey, #7)
Derry Cronwell has only wanted two things in life, to be able to play professional hockey and the freedom to make his own choices in life. When he finally manages to land a spot on the Hawks farm team, he hopes to finally have both of his dreams come true. There are only a couple of problems, first Derry's brother, Pat is the captain of the Cougars, the Hawks biggest rivals, but Derry is terrified that his deepest secret will finally get out—that he's gay and has a massive crush on Hawk's forward, Fallon.

Fallon and the Cougars have a grudge that goes back for years, so the last thing he wants is one of the little, brat of a brothers on his team. But as he gets to know Derry, Fallon finds himself drawn to the timid, defensemen. Then Fallon finds out just how bad Derry's private life is and he knows he will do anything to help the other man. Will Fallon be able to rescue Derry from all his demons?

                                                                     3,75 STARS 

I really liked the characters of this story but I have to say Trey stole the book for me, in most series I have one character that just sticks with me and is always fore front in my mind when reading a book in said series. Trey is it for me in this one but it's really about Derry who goes through hell because his brother is an asshole who takes his anger out on poor Derry. It was nice to see that at first Fallon was a jerk then became extremely protective of Derry that they developed a relationship from there. It's a cute love  short story with some darker tones but works well for this couple. I recommend

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