Friday, August 10, 2012

Suck and Lick (Midnight Matings #18) by Joyee Flynn

Suck and Lick
A Chupacabra sits down next to a giraffe shifter at the UPAC conference and ends up mated. It sounds like the beginning to a bad joke, but it’s a nightmare for Leo, a giraffe shifter. His new mate is rude, socially inept, and claimed Leo against his will.

The joke ends up being on Gable, a hybrid shifter the world refers to as the Chupacabra, when he finds himself mated to a giraffe who is head of a lion pride.

Gable screwed up. He knows it, and he’s trying to make things right, but every time he opens his mouth he seems to make things worse.

Just as it seems the man accused of viciously sucking animals dry and the gentle shifter with the big purple tongue start to get their act together, trouble shows up on their front door. Will they fight it together or keep fighting each other

                                                              4.25 STARS 

This is one of the Midnight Matings series books, Yes which of course I love LOL! Anyway I think it is hilarious in the way these wonderful authors find the most fascinating paranormals for their characters. My hubby made fun of me all night because I couldn't pronounce Chupacabra right, yeah I kicked him in the shins YAY ME!  My favorite thing in this story is the fact that Leo the Giraffe shifter is head of a pride of lions and the way this sweet family act and treat each other was adorable I wanted to snuggle up with them. Now Gable the Chupacabra came across as an ass and  I just never really warmed up to him even when he stops being an ass, but I loved Leo so that made up for it. There's some drama and some seriously HOT sex but theres also a serious talk of some issues both Leo & Gable each have, and that gave this story some real depth. I enjoyed this Midnight Matings story and Recommend it.

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