Friday, August 3, 2012

Little Squirrels Can Climb Tall Trees by Michael Murphy

Little Squirrels Can Climb Tall Trees
Kyle Miller is a rare breed. Though born to conservative parents and raised in small-town Oklahoma, Kyle realized young that he had to escape rural America. Now he’s living in New York City, working as an ER doctor, and paying off his massive student loans. He’s never been on a plane and never seen a movie, but he is worldly enough to recognize attraction when it smacks him in the forehead. Not that he knows how he managed to crack heads with Joseph, who’s a good foot shorter than Kyle’s six and a half feet.

Joseph is Kyle’s polar opposite in other ways too, well-off where Kyle is poor, and self-assured while Kyle is insecure. He’s also determined to show Kyle what a great guy he is and bring the confidence Kyle shows in the ER out in his everyday life. But Kyle’s hectic work schedule and inexperience with relationships won’t make for an easy romance

                                                              4.75 STARS 

This was an absolutely amazing book to read, it's funny, sexy as hell and just plain beautiful. I actually was surprised that the POV is from Joseph not Kyle, reading the blurb I guess made me think it would be Kyle's or something. But I gotta say the whole beginning gym scene, I swear I laughed so fricking hard I was in tears. Poor Joe I mean seriously whats he to do but stare LOL. LOVED IT!
I easily got hooked on this story, just the title alone made me want to read it, and I am so glad I did. The journey that Joe & Kyle take to even become a couple was wonderful, even the stresses and issues worked for me in this book. Even the issues with their schedules were made interesting, and it's not all drama but also a really sweet romantic story. Joe was flat out hilarious & Kyle was sweet as can be, I wouldn't mind reading more of this couple. I Highly Recommend.

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