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Dewey (Resistant Omegas #5) by Joyee Flynn

Dewey (Resistant Omegas, #5)
Life isn’t easy, and Dewey knows that better than most. After living with a pack who used him as a toy and sex slave for two years, he finds hope when the Omega Network is created. But he has one condition… He’s already in love, and he won’t leave Taggart.

Taggart wants what’s best for Dewey and has suffered plenty for him. A dire wolf in a gray wolf pack, the Alpha has been drugging him with wolfsbane for years to keep him weak.

When the Council steps in and gives them sanctuary in Denver with Tristan and his men, the abuse stops, but difficult decisions follow. Percy and Azyle, the Betas from the closest dire pack, show up unexpectedly to see if Taggart and Dewey will fill the void in their inner circle.

Can Taggart recover after being drugged for years, and will Dewey ever truly accept the Betas

                                                                   4.5 STARS

In book 5 of the Resistant Omegas we have Dewey who is the Omega but he's already in love with Taggart whom is an Alpha but is being drugged by the horrible alpha thats in place now. So Dewey contacts the Omega rescue organization and Carter & Tristan are to the rescue. 

I really like this series because it's got some intense issues that not only does the Omega in question have to overcome but the inner circle as well. Which consists of two Beta's and an Alpha who have to not only mate with the omega but each other as well. It's an interesting twist on the mate type storyline and had me hooked on the first story, there's intense emotions, laughter, and yes some tears but so far they are really well written and I keep wanting more stories.

 This one was interesting because it's not only Dewey who has to work through his issues but Taggart as well. The drugs in his system have left their mark so to speak. I will say the ending cracked my ass up but made me very hopeful for more books in this series I Recommend this one but if you haven't read this series please do you will enjoy it I know I did.

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