Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Take My Hand (Brac Pack #28) by Lynn Hagen

Take My Hand (Brac Pack #28)
Darcy is a worrier, a pessimist, and he overanalyzes everything until the subject dies a slow and painful death…and then he worries some more. When he and his brother, Sterling, find their way to Brac Village, Darcy thinks the place is just too perfect. Something is off, and Darcy is determined to find out what that something is.

Raven, the oldest of four brothers, has found his mate. Being raised by a prejudice, homophobic jerk doesn’t deter Raven from wanting Darcy in the worst sort of way. From the moment he sets eyes on Darcy, Raven can think of nothing more than drinking from his mate’s vein.

He just wasn’t certain if that was normal.

When a motley crew of shifters shows up in Brac Village seeking protection, trouble isn’t too far behind them. And when Darcy’s younger brother is attacked, Darcy grabs Sterling and heads out of town as quickly as his feet will carry him.

But can he leave knowing his heart is chained to Raven? Can he walk away from the best thing to ever happen to him? When Darcy discovers Tate’s Resource Center, he also finds out what he is truly running from

                                                                 4.75 STARS 

The Brac Pack series is one of my top favorites, the continuing of this growing family is so sweet and funny and I love that Cecil is still causing trouble for Maverick. I fell in love with that first book and couldn't stop reading till I finished like book 19 then I had to wait till more came out, but this family has kept me interested and fascinated ever since. So I tend to get excited when I buy a new Brac book the all have such a different story, that it amazes me each character has some serious issues that they need to work through. And each character either makes me ROFL or is Hot as Hell.

Darcy's character is a planner and thinker he's also a little moody, so he's perfect for the brooding and moody Raven, they both have issues and it's adorable how Darcy's lil' bro Sterling helps out. I can't wait to read his story I've been waiting on Riley's for like ever LOL. I loved that we get the mates in this story I missed them, and dammit if they don't bring some wonderful humor to this series. I highly recommend

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