Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Training Michael (Brats In Training #4) by Lynn Hagen

Training Michael (Brats in Training, #4)
Michael Grafton was a temptation sent to drive PJ crazy. He just knew it. The man was a Dom through and through, Michael just didn't seem to know it. When Michael finally asks PJ out, PJ is thrilled down to his toes. He wants to be dominated by Michael. He needs it. He wants a Dom that can rein him in and give him boundaries. He thinks Michael is the answer to all of his prayers. There's only one problem.

Michael has never dominated anyone before.

When PJ goes totally bratty and pushes all of Michael's buttons, Michael does the only thing he can do. He calls in his friends for some help in punishing his new sub. What started out as a night doomed to failure turns into a dream neither Michael or PJ can believe is true. When someone tries to come between them, will PJ believe in his Dom or revert to his bratty ways? And will Michael be able to stop him?

                                                                            4 STARS 
Training Michael is a story about training a Dom, which is a different take on the D/s relationships in this series. I liked the change up, instead of the Sub being trained, Michael's friends end up helping. I gotta say that was a strange way to meet your best friends partner LOL. I really wouldn't mind seeing more of each of these couples I truly enjoyed them all. This one was funny but had some emotional drama that surprised me but was a joy to read. I recommend

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