Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tinsel and Frost by Eden Winters

Tinsel and Frost
The last time Tony danced, he wore the spangles and tights of the Nutcracker’s Prince and the audience threw roses at the stage. One career-ending accident later, he’s dancing again, and he’s not proud of hoping that the audience will reward him with twenties.

Frost, the big, pale bouncer, has reasons of his own for keeping a watchful eye on Tony. He keeps his distance, too, until he has to bounce an aggressive customer who takes things with Tony too far. They have a short, shared walk home but a huge divide between their lives. Do Tony and Frost have more in common than they believe?

                                                            3.75 STARS 

This was a sweet adorable story that I enjoyed Tony went from a ballet dancer to stripper all because of a car wreck, but he keeps his spirits high then he meets Frost a bouncer where he works and the story becomes about these two and how they become a couple. It's not very long but was a great bedtime read for me Loved it! I recommend 

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