Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mobsters and Miracles by Lavinia Lewis

Mobsters and Miracles
How can detectives Lucas Manning and Danny DeRossa form a relationship when they can barely stay alive long enough to solve their case?

Narcotics detectives Lucas Manning and Danny DeRossa have been investigating the Valdez brothers' lucrative cocaine business for a little over a year. The case is as good as closed. The Valdez brothers are being held in custody while awaiting trial and Tony Reyes – general dogsbody and hired gun is in protective custody until he can testify against them. Time for Lucas and Danny to sit back and put their feet up? Not if Ramon Torres has anything to do with it.

When Torres - a long-standing employee of the Valdez brothers kidnaps Lucas to discover the location of Tony Reyes, it’s up to Lucas’ partner Danny to rescue him. But during their escape, they witness a startling incident - a priest and a rabbi in a shoot-out with Ramon’s men. What possible connection could a band of drug dealers have with the church and the synagogue? Lucas and Danny have evidently stepped in the middle of something big, but can they stay alive long enough to find out what?

To complicate matters further, out and proud Lucas has fallen hard for his straight partner Danny. But is Detective DeRossa as straight as he led Lucas to believe or could he return his partner's affections?

                                                                             4.5 STARS

This was such a fun take on the partners to lovers story, I absolutely enjoyed it. Lucas' character cracked me up, I swear this book would be an awesome tv series no kidding mainly because Lucas is trying all he can to hide his attraction to his partner (badly I might add) all while trying to find the bad guy and the poor guy gets the shit beat outta him, blown up, and even shot at time or two it's amazing the guy can even move at all much less have some seriously HOT sex.

Danny is the laid back, calm, collective "straight" partner, I'm serious about the TV series it was that good of a story. The attraction between the two is HOT but it's also a friendship that is so close you can see why & how they fall in love with each other. And the action holy shit it's really a miracle that these two survive, considering how many times they're shot, blown up or beaten. But there's enough humor in this fun exciting love story so that it wasn't too intense. I would love to read more of Danny & Lucas, I Recommend.

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