Friday, August 3, 2012

Posthaste (Pushing the Envelope #11).by Kim Dare

Posthaste (Pushing the Envelope #11).

Scott’s never been the most confident of men. When he gets scared by something, running away has always seemed like a pretty good option. The latest letter he hands Joe is by far the hardest he’s had to write. Knowing what will happen when Joe reads it terrifies him.

Will Scott have the courage to hand it over? Will Joe be able to calm his submissive’s panic? Or, maybe Scott’s not the only one who’ll be scared once the content of the letter is out in the open…

                                                          5 STARS 

This one of my favorite series that I'm reading and so far each story has gotten better and better. This installment was intense I mean I want to smack Scott upside the head he just doesn't get how Joe really feels about him, and neither one will tell the other their feelings it's almost funny how their both walking on eggshells with each other. Even after everything that these two have been through.
I will say that I can't wait for the next one I'm very invested in this couple, Scott & Joe are Hot as Hell together but you can see the intense emotions in the scenes that they do.  Scott's panic in this one terrified me because I really like them together let's hope that Joe will be the Dom that I know he is and take control before Scott falls apart! I Highly Recommend

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