Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to Hell by Amber Kell

Back to Hell (Hellbourne, #4)
Even the devil needs a little help sometimes, but for Luc, going back to hell to make things right could end up breaking him...

Luc’s life is finally starting to settle down. His wolf shifter lover is back in his bed and his father is no longer ruling hell...or Luc's life.

Unfortunately, his happiness is only an illusion. Nikko, his vampire soul mate, is starving to death, Luc's psychotic brother is taking over hell, and the balance of good and evil all depends on Luc to set things straight.

The archangel Michael tells Luc he needs to go back to hell to correct the problems he caused, but Luc refuses. However, some people still think Luc is a contender to be the demon lord. When his brother kidnaps Bran, Luc has to show the underworld why you don’t mess with the devil’s son.

                                                          4.75 STARS

I got this early by buying from, so I hope it's ok that I'm reviewing this book. Either way it's fucking AWESOME but I will warn you that if you haven't read Hellbourne you need to first. The first book was my first Amber Kell book I read and the first to make me an absolute fan-girl, I loved the complexities and the definitions in this new world she made and of course who can complain about all the extremely HOT sex? Not me! 

Anyway this story is a continuation of the first book (which I believe is actually 3 books in one) so Luc is back with Bran his werewolf mate and happy but missing his other mate the vampire Nikko since Bran & Nikko hate each other. Yes you really need to read the first one, so things are going okay when Luc's uncle (o_0) the Archangel Michael needs him to free his dad Lucifer. I swear ninety percent of this story I was either laughing my ass off with the wonderful Ms. Kell's sarcasm or wanting to take a cold shower with all the scorching sex. There's action and some exciting nail biting moments but the fore front story is the ongoing struggle for Luc on keeping both his mates with him without them killing each other.

This sequel ROCKED and I personally would love to read more of this fun intense relationship and their secondary characters too. I Highly Recommend.

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