Friday, August 17, 2012

Actually by Mia Watts

Law student, Aaron Hedlund, is on the cusp of a new career with a cute boyfriend. Life is easy and perfect, until he gets a call that shatters his plans.

When Ian Mitchell discovers that his sexy former student, Aaron, is back in town, he’s relieved to know that someone will help Aaron’s little brother recover from the death of their parents. But as Aaron struggles to keep the family together, Ian finds that getting close enough to help may be more temptation than he can handle.

And the biggest challenge of all is showing Aaron that fixing shattered plans can become a blessing, actually.

                                                         3.75 STARS 

This was a very emotional but sweet story and very different than  what I am used to reading by Ms. Watts. Aaron gets a lot on his plate when he gets a phone call that his parents were killed in a car wreck and he needs to come home and take care of his younger brother. So not only does he put his career dreams on hold but also his maybe love life and runs back home. And between his brother getting into trouble, Aaron working two jobs plus trying to finish law school online life is starting to take its toll. Then in walks Ian a former teacher and also his brothers teacher too, my favorite part in this whole story is Ian wanting to take care of Aaron. As they work through the many troubles of Aaron and his brother's issues, Aaron and Ian get to know one another and develop a relationship.

It a highly emotional story but not enough that I didn't really enjoy it, but it was still a very sweet and loving story. I recommend

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