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Let the Rain Come Down (Moonlight Breed #6) by Gabrielle Evans

Let the Rain Come Down (Moonlight Breed #6)
After spending a decade of doing exactly what he’s told and having every minute of his life choreographed for him, Oscar has no idea what to do now that he’s free. Keeping him and his friends hidden from people who want to hurt them is top priority, but he can’t help wanting something more for himself.

Neither completely man nor animal, but somewhere between, Demitrius Accola has lived his life as an outcast, enduring the fear and judgment of others because of his appearance. Assigned to protect the new Moonlighters in Haven, he never thought he’d find his mate. Nor did he expect that the little shifter would be completely unafraid of him.

When the past Oscar is trying to outrun finally catches up with him, there’s no question of how far Demitrius will go to protect his mate. It’s only a question of if it will be enough.

                                                               4.5 STARS 

The Moonlight Breed series was the first series I started to read by Ms. Evans and I fell for it quickly, I soon followed with her other books till now where I don't even read the blurb, I just pre order automatically. I love to do that, where I have enough faith in an author and they have earned my trust, that any book they write I will enjoy. I have been told that my list is too long but what most don't know is I started reading at age 5 and yes my first novel I read was "Carrie" by Stephen King. Yes I had a strange but wonderful childhood and I do mean strange. But as I got older I have read most everything and I am picky, up until 2 yrs ago I only read m/f novels be it fantasy, science fiction, contemporary, etc I have read it all, but could count the authors that I loved on both hands even though I would buy 10 different authors a week to read I never found many that kept my interest even in their series (and i have OCD remember). I was so desperate to read that I was like a kid in a candy store in any book store. They were very very few, I always felt I was reading the same story over and over again. So imagine my surprise when I fell into reading m/m romance, not only are their dozens of authors that I adore but I'm constantly finding more. I don't even read anything other than m/m because not only do these stories seem to relax me but I'm finding that yes, it's harder to write m/m so maybe thats why the stories are so much better. Not that all of the stories are excellent but I am finding more authors that I can trust to take me on a journey be it love, mystery, fantasy or contemporary. Yeah I know not every author I adore can or will write an excellent book but that's ok even if the story doesn't work for me usually it still entertained me and that's what I as a reader am looking for. I now spend those major dollars buying books in the m/m genre where I feel confident that I will enjoy a story and not want to throw the book after reading half of it like before. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with reading m/f at all I enjoy a story now and then so don't start to sharpening your stakes for me yet. This is just what works for me I just from personal experience have found more authors that write stories in this genre  that I enjoy. And as a reader I want to shall we say spread the joy, that's why I do this I buy my books on other reviewer's opinions or on the authors name alone and alot of the times on a blurb that just peaks my interest. Plain and simple I love to read that's my joy and my peace of mind, so now I'll get off my rant (yes I really do have ADD too) and we'll continue on to this review

Oscar is a Hedgehog shifter which I frickin' loved I mean he's so damn cute you know and Demitruis is always in between his shifted form and his human side. I really liked the way their issues were addressed and dealt with. And the way their love story is played out, the action side was exciting and I love how we get to see characters from previous stories that I enjoyed, kinda brings it all together. I recommend

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