Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yours Faithfully (Pushing the Envelope #12) by Kim Dare

Yours Faithfully (Pushing the Envelope, #12)
Joe told Scott to expect a letter from him, and it wasn’t an easy one to write. Joe’s also sure that it won’t be a simple letter to receive either. He’ll be asking a lot from Scott.

Will Scott be able to follow the orders this time? Will he be able to accept the challenge? Joe doesn’t know. It could go either way. All he can do now is hope like hell that their chance of a happily-ever-after hasn’t been lost forever...

                                                           4.75 STARS 

This series I love but also it drives me crazy too, see I truly love these two characters Joe & Scott have wormed their way into my heart and I really really want them to have their HEA. So what makes me crazy is I gotta wait for another month or so for the next installment ARGH! I know I'm too impatient but I just love this story the intense emotions that I feel when I read this series is amazing. They are short stories so that really explains my impatientness (is that even a word?) but there is so much told in each story that it doesn't feel like a short story more like a soap opera where you have to wait till the next day or so for whats gonna happen next. I have to say I'm always extremely happy with each story and the fact that we get to know Joe & Scott's characters, their fears and hopes. I can't wait (literally) to read the next one I recommend

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